Nutrition Hub Pilot Project

In 2017, the Raleigh Food Corridor began the design and development of a Nutrition Hub Pilot Project based at three partner locations - Alliance Medical Ministry, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, and Passage Home. The nutrition hub sites will serve as centralized community spaces to provide nutrition, health, and food-related services and education in a single location. In doing so, the nutrition hubs will increase accessibility and remove barriers to community members.

nutrition hubs


Design and development of the Nutrition Hub Pilot Project began in early 2017. A two-year intervention and study to assess and develop best practices for nutrition hubs and community impact is planned to occur at the nutrition hub pilot sites.

Nutrition Hub Programs and Resources

Working within our established collective, the three hub garden sites were chosen for this project based on their existing gardens and programming. They are three different yet aligned non-profit partners in the RFC, whose missions include community development, affordable housing and job training, charitable food distribution, urban agriculture, and affordable access to health care.

Passage Home Safety Club and Alpha Garden -
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Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Camden Street Learning Garden -
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Alliance Medical Ministry Community Garden -
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For the full list of nutrition hub programs, resources, and contact information (sorted by type of program/resource and location), click here