In 1898, pharmacist Caleb Bradham created Pepsi-Cola in a New Bern drugstore with the goal of creating a fountain drink which  was both delicious & beneficial to digestion and energy.  Bradham’s drugstore had a soda machine where small-town residents might interact. By 1902, demand from nearby drugstores had risen so substantially that he filed incorporation paperwork with the state of North Carolina at the end of the year, suggesting plans for corporate offices in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York.


The wild cherry-flavored Cheerwine beverage was produced in the basement of L.D. Peeler’s wholesale grocery store in Salisbury amid a World War I sugar shortage and is known as the “nectar of the tarheels.” Peeler’s family has run the business for three generations, relying on traditional marketing to expand the brand throughout the South. Cheerwine is currently available in a number of Southern states as well as California.

Kreme Krispy

In Winston-Salem, Vernon Rudolph launched Krispy Kreme in 1937, selling his first doughnuts for 25 cents a dozen after borrowing the materials from a neighborhood grocer. Krispy Kreme currently produces millions of melt-in-your-mouth donut every day, and it’s famous for the bright red sign that appears in store windows when fresh donuts food are ready to eat. Customers from all around the United States & the world are served by the company.

Pete From Texas

No, Texas Pete hot sauce did not originate in Texas, nor was it created by a guy named Pete. Winston-Salem was the birthplace of the spicy condiment in the 1940s. Thad, Ralph, and Harold Garner, together with their father Samuel Garner and “Mother Jane,” started their business by preparing the sauce in pots just on stove in their family’s kitchen. Texas Pete’s product range has extended to includes buffalo wing sauce, sweet mustard sauce, pepper sauce, chili sauce,  seafood cocktail sauce, and more, while the original secret recipe remains the base.

The World-Famous Bojangles Chicken ‘n Biscuits

The first Bojangles’ restaurant opened in Charlotte in 1977, founded by veteran restaurant proprietors Jack Fulk & Richard Thomas. They built their concept on three elements: a distinct flavor, high-quality, scratch-made items, & a festive restaurant design with pleasant service. More than 700 Bojangles’ establishments exist today. Order a 4 chicken Supremes (Bojangles’ version of chicken fingers) & a Bo-Berry biscuit for desserts to feel like a native.

Olive Pickles From Mt.

Mt. Olive Pickle Company began in 1926 with a 3,600-square-foot structure and $19,500 in capital, and has since evolved to become one of the country’s most popular pickle, pepper, and relish companies. It’s the recent privately held pickle company in the country, and it’s located on the corner of Cucumber Blvd. & Vine St. in Mount Olive.

Slaw (Red)

Red slaw is a type of coleslaw that originated in North Carolina. It’s also known as barbeque slaw, and it’s generally created with vinegar, sugar  shredded green cabbage, water, , & ketchup, giving it a crimson color.

Red slaw is particularly famous in Lexington, where it is served alongside Lexington-style barbeque. The salads is also commonly included in hot dogs & barbecued meat sandwiches. Red slaw may include other ingredients including such mustard seed, black pepper, onions, carrot, or hot peppers, depending on the region, but the most important thing is that it is always served chilled.