the Raleigh Food Corridor is a PLACE . . .

where two downtown streets link diverse communities. It's a starting point for a new vision of food in our City.

the Raleigh Food Corridor is a COLLECTIVE.

Committed individuals and innovative organizations are joining together around a shared mission of food and healthy neighborhoods.

the Raleigh Food Corridor is a MOVEMENT.

Together we can build and sustain the gardens, farms, markets, businesses and relationships needed to create a food vision that works for all of Raleigh.

The Raleigh Food Corridor stretches along the two miles of Blount and Person Streets, from South Park through Downtown and up to Mordecai. It connects food deserts, fast changing neighborhoods, the energy of Moore Square, and Raleigh's oldest historic districts.

Building off of established food and farm projects, the Corridor will encourage new food ideas and projects to spring up, filling the gaps and sparking new relationships.

The vision is holistic, ambitious, and will take a serious effort. The whole picture can be hard to imagine, let alone get started on.


Create Food Access for Everyone

Convenient access to healthy, nutritious, and affordable food will eliminate food deserts, help build a sense of place, and create equity around a basic need of life: good food.

Build Economic Opportunity

Millions of dollars flow through Raleigh’s food system. Can we capture some of that money to support innovative small businesses and new local jobs where they are needed most?

Connect People, Communities, and Organizations

Relationships are the heart of a local food system, and strong relationships lead to resilience and opportunity.

Imagine neighborhoods full of food. There are green growing spaces, youth learning to farm and manage gardens, public places planted with edibles, exciting restaurants and creative small businesses. Everywhere you look you see easy, equitable, economy-building access to healthy food. And you see people connecting around all parts of it.

Now imagine how neighborhoods like that could help eliminate childhood hunger, build strong social connections, ease poverty, and help us all find our role in positive change for our communities. There is a place for each of us within the vision - food connects us all.

So how do we get it going?

Where do you fit in?


This is our supportive community, our membership program. Friends of the Corridor know that local food matters, that economic opportunities for all are important, and that food has an important role in the livability of all of Raleigh’s neighborhoods. Your support helps turn these beliefs into action. Our Friends also know that it takes effort. Healthy food systems needs to be well-coordinated, with input from everyone, and thoughtfully connected. Click below to find out more about supporting as a Friend.


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The Raleigh Food Corridor and Second Saturday were woven together from the start. While the Corridor is a top-down idea that can honestly be hard to picture, Second Saturday is its extrovert make-friends-with-anyone little sister. Second Saturday is the fun, grassroots, get-out-and-explore event, where the ideas of the Corridor are brought to life, bringing new people, new projects, and celebrations to the Corridor. Everyone is invited to Second Saturday!    

Leadership Council