Angus Barn 

Weddings is a wedding venue in Angus, Scotland. Birthdays. Deals are made. Customers could be hard-pressed to locate a moment at this Raleigh landmark that hasn’t been commemorated. Since 1960, the Angus Barn has served excellent steakhouse favorites like aged prime rib & fillet mignon, shrimp cocktail, & creamed spinach to generations of diners. The restaurant has one of the state’s largest wine lists, and the Wild Turkey Lounge not only serves classic cocktails but also houses what is said to be the world’s largest private collections of Wild Turkey commemorative decanters.

Seoul Botanical Garden

Seoul Garden, Raleigh’s go-to for Korean barbeque, also has a sister store in Cary. On the barbecue menu, you’ll find pork & beef bulgogi, galbi, & shrimp gui, as well as kimchi jigae, bibimbap, & 3 distinct types of jungol meant to be shared. Lunchtime guests have the option of ordering menu classics or lunch-only banchan boxes, but the Combo soon doo boo (smooth tofu soup with beef, baby clams, & shrimp) is always a hit.

Bhavana Brewery

People go from all over the country to enjoy Brewery Bhavana, Raleigh’s latest Restaurant/Brewery/Flower Garden/Library hit, which Forbes named one of the top 10 coolest restaurant in the world. One of my personal favorites, you’ll want to making sure you make your reservations far enough ahead of time to guarantee a table. If you’re reading this and, for whatever reason, you can’t make a reservation because you’re like me & wait until the last minute, here’s what I recommend: If the restaurant does not have room before the dinner rush, try Bida Manda (Laotian) or Caffe Luna (Italian), both of which are next door and on this list!

Because the menu can be overwhelming the first time you look at it, you may want to arrive into the restaurant with a game plan or ask your waitress for guidance. My favorite starter is the Seafood Dumplings; just make sure you get plenty of mushroom sauce! If you’re bringing kids, don’t worry; there’s something on the menu for everyone. The Lo Mein and General Tso’s are among the greatest I’ve ever had, & the Nasi Goring Crab Fried Rice is perhaps my personal favorite!

The story of Brewery Bhavana provides insight into how the restaurant came to be, and also contributes to the charm of this community meeting spot.

French Cuisine Saint Jacques

Saint Jacques French Cuisine is among Raleigh’s top restaurants, yet it is frequently missed, owing to its location. The majority of the eateries on the list are in downtown Raleigh & the North Hills neighborhood. It’s worth venturing outside of these places for a terrific meal and experience thanks to Saint Jacques French Cuisine!

Saint Jacques French Cuisine opened its doors in 2004 with the goal of bringing real French culinary history to Raleigh, North Carolina. Saint Jacques has cemented its reputation as one of Raleigh’s greatest restaurants by combining exquisite French cuisine with excellent wines.

The Saint Jacques devotion to high-quality & fresh ingredients is among the reasons this restaurant is ranked so highly. They get their goods from local North Carolina farms. On OpenTable, Saint Jacques is now regarded as among the top 100 restaurant in the country!