Waste management is the activity of collecting, treating and disposing of waste materials. The term usually relates to material produced by human activity. Waste management deals with all sorts of waste, coming from mines, manufacturing of products, households or healthcare facilities.

It involves activities that reduce the amount of waste that is produced or that helps in the cleaning up of waste if it is produced. It may also involve the reuse of waste materials. But in most cases, waste management simply means disposing of the waste in a manner that prevents it from causing any harm to the environment, or humans.

Waste management is a multi-faceted discipline that deals with all types of waste from municipal solid waste to hazardous waste. In North Carolina, the Division of Waste Management (DWM) is responsible for making sure the state’s 50 counties properly manage solid waste and hazardous waste. This means DWM works with local governments and private companies to help them meet the state’s regulatory framework for solid waste and hazardous waste management.

Why Does Waste Management Matter In North Carolina?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that somewhere around 30 million tons of trash is generated in the U.S. every year. Of this, around 75 percent is disposed of in landfills, while the rest is incinerated, recycled, or composted. North Carolina generates over 8 million tons of trash every year. But a lot of this trash is not properly sorted and recycled. This means, a lot of it ends up in landfills, where it will be buried and forgotten.

All of the residents do not realize the importance of waste management system. If you look at the history of North Carolina, it was nearly a decade ago when they realized the importance of waste management. They started sorting the waste which they were throwing and they found that they are able to reuse many things.

There are many things which can be reused once if we take proper care of them. If you look around us there are many things which are thrown, but our children are happier if we give them these things. It is very important to pick the right company which will handle your waste management. If you have a business then you should definitely hire a company which will manage your commercial waste management system.

Impact Of Waste Management

Waste management has become a major issue for everyone today. Waste generation is increasing by the day and needs to be taken care of. Waste disposal has not been an easy task and the government needs to come up with a solution to this. Uncollected garbage breeds many diseases and pests, contaminates water and spreads foul odor.

North Carolina’s solid waste management program has been successful in reducing solid waste and litter disposal in the state. There have been a number of state bills that have been passed that help to promote the development of new waste management systems that are worth an estimated $6 billion over the next few years.